Pasta with tenerumi is the Palermo summer soup par excellence, a typical dish of traditional Sicilian cuisin.

The tenerumi are the most tender leaves of “zucchini long” with a round shape and usually about 60-80 cm long. tenerumi leaves are broad and velvety.


For those not Sicilian it is difficult to understand the consumption of tenerumi and even more because of the tenerumi soup in summer.

Even with the heat is definitely worth enjoying this delicious summer soup, the tenerumi are irresistible, sweet, delicate and very refreshing.

The ingredients are obviously tenerumi, fresh tomatoes or chopped tomatoes, garlic or onion, extra virgin olive oil and red pepper to taste. The most used are the broken spaghetti pasta.

If you wish, you can season it with grated cheese, or a little ‘salt cottage cheese or Parmesan.